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The 8 th , International Symposium of Display Holography (2009)


Time: From Monday 13 th July 2009 to Friday 17 th July 2009
Place: Shenzhen Baoan Business Incubator, Shenzhen , China
Tel: 86-755-27230330
Fax: 86-755-27230055
E-mail: welcome@isdh.org.cn
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8th International Symposium on Display Holography(Initial)

Monday, July 13,  2009

8:00                      Registration
9:00-10:00           Welcome remarks and management details by officials
10:00                   Break
10:15                  Reports from the Nations
                           Tung H. Jeong
11:30                  Group portrait
12:00                  Lunch

SESSION I                                                                       Monday 13:30 – 17:20
* denotes invited papers
History, Culture, and Education (Part A)
Chair:  Frank Fan, China
13:30*          (042)     Teaching Advanced Physical Concepts Using Display Holograms
13:50            (011)     Adventures in Holography in the 1960’s
14:10            (074)    Luminous Windows and Photons, Neurons and Bits The Holography Initiative of the MIT Museum
14:30            (038)    Scratchograms
14:50             Break

History, Culture, and Education (Part B)
Chair:  Hsu Dasiung, China
15:20          (001)   My Hologram Collections for University Educations
15:40*       (Steven Smith)
16:00          (050)  The Imaginary Hologram A Short Cultural History
16: 20         (077)  Teaching Holography Five Years and 400 Foundation Students Later
16:40          (002)  Simple methods in high throughput holography classes
17:20           End of Session I
19:00 – 21:00       Banquet

Tuesday, July 14,  2009
SESSION II                                                                            Tuesday  8:30 – 17:20
Art Concepts and Techniques (Part A)
Chair:  Dieter Jung, Germany
8:30*           (035)  Flying Colors
8:50*           (054)  The Light Foundry Past Present and Future
9:10*           (058)  Holography A Love Story
9:30*           (052)  Touring a Hologram Exhibition
9:50             Break          
Art Concepts and Techniques (B)
Chair:  Martin Richardson, UK
10:20           (005)  The Memory Window
10:40*         (008)  The Perspectives of Synthetic Holography
11:00           (010)  Folding spaces, unfolding action
11:20           (015)  A Case for the Holographic Object
11:40*         (048)  LightRain Holographic Sculpture
12:00           Lunch

Art Concepts and Techniques (C)
Chair:  Melissa Crenshaw, Canada
13:30       (066)  Visual Language and Technique in the Creative Holographic Domain
13:50       (027)  Facing the Light Holographic Portraits 3D
14:10       (046)  Immateriality, Invisibility and Restricted View-angle as Resources in Holographic Art Practices
14:30       (045)  Historical Overview on Holography Art
14:50        Break

Art Concepts and Techniques (D)
Chair:  Jonathan Ross, UK
15:20*    (018)  Choosing Holographic Replay Lighting for Aesthetic Effect
15:40*    (080)  Installation with sunlight and holography - As environmental art-
16:00      (026)  Optics and Laser Light, the Kinetic Viewer
16:20      (041)  ‘Reinterpretation of Spectrum’ Painting in Colors by Rainbow Control
16:40      (051)  Zipsister and the Smoking Gun
17:00*    (052)  Touring a Hologram Exhibition
17:20    Dinner
20:00 - 22:00

Art Forum
Chairs: Martin Richardson, UK, Melissa Crenshaw, Canada:              

Wednesday, July 15,  2009
SESSION III                                                                       Wednesday 8:30 – 11:40
Recordin Materials, Processing, and Color Hol0graphy (A)
Chair:  Hans Bjelkhagen, UK
8:30             (047)  Color Holography Progress and New Recording Materials
8:50*           (059)  Photorefractive Material Development for Updatable Holographic Three-dimensional Display 
9:10             (072)  An Irgacure 784 Doped Photopolymers for Holograms Recording at 532 nm
9:30             (060)  Exposure and Spectral Characteristics of Bulgarian Silver-halide Materials for Multicolor                                                   Holographic Recording
9:50             (032)  Color Holographic Display Based on Single-layer Monochromatic and Panchromatic Dichromated                                        Gelatin Holographic Recording Materials
10:10           Break          

Recordin Materials, Processing, and Color Hol0graphy (B)
Chair:  Jeff Blyth, UK
10:30*         (013)  Recording Bright Denisyuk Holograms with Red Laser Light in Polyvinyl Alcohol Based Film on                                           Glass for Classroom Demonstrations.
10:50           (053)  A New Photopolymer for Volume Holographic Recording with Low-shrinkage
11:10           (009)  Colour Reproduction Characterisation of Multicolour Holograms Recorded in an Acrylamide Based                                       Photopolymer
11:30           (Po-Lin Chen et.al.  A new photopolymer for volume holo -----)     
12:00           Lunch

SESSION IV                                                                     Wednesday 13:30 – 17:00
Technical Applications (A)
Chair:  Guofan Jin, China
13:30           (012)  Four Dimensional Fourier Transform and Reinvented Holography
13:50           (036)  A Fractional Fourier Transform Algorithm for Holographic Display
14:10           (044)  Large-depth and Wide-angle Holographic 3D Display Based on Modified Integral Imaging
14:30*         (023)  Digital In-line Holographic Microscopy and Tomography
14:50           Break

Technical Applications (B)
Chair:  Michel Grosmann, France
15: 20          (040)  Applications of Holography in Prosthetics
15:40           (068)  Instrument for Measurement of Thickness, Index of Refraction and Diffraction Efficiency of                                                   Holographic Films
16:00           (064)  Generalized Fresnel Lens in Security, Light Managment and Holographic Packaging Applications.
16:20*         (016)  Embossed Holograms from Silver Halide Masters
16:40           (007)  Experiments in image composition for synthetic holography
17:00           Dinner

SESSION V                                                                     Wednesday 19:00 – 21:00
Poster Session
Chair:  Tung H. Jeong, US      
O76  Making Laser Safety Training for Holographers More Cognitively Effective
039  Quaternary Logics Analysis of Holography
071  Indra's Net A New Model of Dimension
073  Holographic Love
078  The Good Medicine Cabinet and Art Holography Education
003  Art Hologram Display Techniques
029  UsingCharacteristics of LCoS Phase Modulation to Enhance the Brightness of Hologram
030  Using the Finite-difference Time-domain Method Analyze Liquid Crystal on Silicon Polarization Grating
079  An Effective Photopolymer for Holographic Recording
069  Volume Hologram for Display Using Photopolymers Sensitized to Dual-Wavelengths
004  The Relationship between Temperature controlling and the Coloring of Holography
049  Cataloguing the Benton Collection
019  Holographic Display of 3D Objects Based on Multiple Fractional Fourier Transform with Zero-order and                              Conjugate Image Suppressed
037  Holographics through Delight and Enthusiasm
075  Practical Method for Color Computer-Generated Rainbow Hologram of Real-Existing Objects
(TJ’s  new paper – The Omnigram)
061  The Making And Applications of The 360- Degree Visual Angle Cylindrical Digital Embossed Hologram
063  A Major Advance in Holographic Interferometry at the Nanometric Scale

SESSION VI                                                                    Thursday  9:00 – 16:40
Electronic, Digital, and Computer Generated Holography (A)
Chair: Stanislovas Zacharovas, Lithuvania
9:00*           (057)  Advances in Digital Holography
9:20             (033)  Dynamic Digital Holographic Display Based on Digital Micromirror Device and the Improvement of                                       Optically Reconstructed Image Quality
9:40             (014)  Recording and reconstruction of high-quality color 3-D images by electronic holography
10:00           (043)  Full Analytical Holographic Computation for Large-depth Scene
10:20           Break

Electronic, Digital, and Computer Generated Holography (B)
Chair: V. Michael Bove, Jr., US
10:40*         (017)  3-D TV Preparing the Way for Holographic TV
11:00           (006)  Development of fringe printer and its practical applications
11:20           (028)  Fabrication of HOE Using CGH Technique and Laser Direct Write Lithography System
11:40           (056)  Image Quality Evaluation of Digital Hologram
12:00           Lunch

Electronic, Digital, and Computer Generated Holography (C)
Chair: Hiroshi Yoshikawa, Japan
13:30*          (Yoshikawa)
13:50           (024)  Full-Parallax Polygon-Based CGHs for Artistic Display
14:10           (031)  Regular Effective Hologram Regions for Computer-generated Holography
14:30           (022)  Fast Digital Hologram Generation for Real Object Holographic Display
14:50           Break

Electronic, Digital, and Computer Generated Holography (D)
Chair: Chau-Jern Cheng, China
15:10*         (020)  Experimental Research on DMD Spatial Light Modulator and its Multi-spectrum Imaging
15: 30          (021)  Digital Holographic Encryption System Based on Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulators
15:50           (055)  Improve on the Uniformity of Reconstructed Output From Computer Generated Hologram with a                                         Pre-compensate Method
16:10           (034)  Applications of Digital Holography to Measurements and Optical Characterization
16:40           End of Session
19:00 – 22:00           Banquet and Extravaganza Show

 SESSION VII                                                                    Friday  9:00 –
The Business of Holography
Chair: Ian Lancaster, UK
9:00             (065)  Will 2010 herald the decade of display holography
9:20             (025)  An old friend rediscovers holography
9:40             (067)  China’s Standards for Anti-Counterfeiting Holograms
10:00           (062)  Holograms for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
10:20           END OF PROGRAM







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